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Speeches in the National Assembly

Budget Speech delivered by Hon. Minister Winston Jordon at the 6th Sitting- Eleventh Parliament of the National Assembly of Guyana

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Published Date: 12 Aug, 2015 | Speech delivered at: 6th Sitting- Eleventh Parliament

Mr.  Speaker,   I  rise  to  move   the  motion    for  the  approval    of  the  Estimates    of  the Public  Sector  and  the  Budget   for  the  Financial  Year  2015  and,  in doing  so, I wish  to indicate that   Cabinet    has  recommended    that   the   National    Assembly    proceed  ...

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Statement by Minister Carl Greenidge on Venezuela’s decree

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Published Date: 10 Jun, 2015 | Speech delivered at: 1st Sitting -  Eleventh Parliament

On May 26, 2015, the President of Venezuela issued Decree No. 1.787 declaring an area that Venezuela now regards as its maritime space. The issuance of a Decree is well within President Maduro’s constitutional right. What, Mr. Speaker, is not his right is to utilize the sovereign territory of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana to generate maritime territory to meet Venezuela’s illegal ambitions. That is precisely what the Decree purports to do in relation to Guyana’s Essequibo. In addition, it mandates and authorizes the Venezuelan Navy to secure the area and clearly to prevent any other State...

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Sympathy on the death of Mr.  Shiw Sahai Naraine, C.C.H

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Published Date: 08 Sep, 2014 | Speech delivered at: 64th Sitting - Tenth Parliament

SYMPATHY ON THE DEATH OF MR.  SHIW SAHAI NARAINE, C.C.H. Mr. Hinds: I rise, on behalf of the Government, to honour and pay tribute to the life and work of the late Mr. Shiw Sahai Naraine and to support this motion. Mr. Shiw Sahai Naraine, popularly known as “Steve Naraine”, was an outstanding Guyanese. He started working as an engineering apprentice in the Public Works Department in British Guiana in 1944 at a time when the professional engineers working in the country were all expatriates. At that time the ministerial system of Government was in place...

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Budget Speech Mr Moses Nagamotoo 2014

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Published Date: 04 Sep, 2014 | Speech delivered at: 77th Sitting - Tenth Parliament

Mr. Nagamootoo: Mr. Speaker, I have listened very carefully to several of the speakers on the 2014 Budget. I was impressed with the presentation by the Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs who spoke succinctly and attempted to project Guyana, as a foreign affairs minister ought to do, as a preferred destination  for investment, for tourism and, indeed, for development funds. I was, however, taken aback by her expression that there were Members in the House – I suppose elected Members of the House – who were branding Guyana in a negative way. When I listened to the Hon. Minister of...

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Budget Speech - Mr Morian—2014

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Published Date: 04 Sep, 2014 | Speech delivered at: 76th Sitting - Tenth Parliament

Mr. Morian: First of all, Mr. Speaker, let me thank God for this opportunity again that I can be another year to address matters concerning Budget 2014 I know for sure that the budget will not be able to address the expectations of everyone, but there are some fundamentals and gaps which I will seek to address and also to add recommendations. I would like to address issues in Region 10, primarily our indigenous people in Berbice River, Rockstone, Riversview and by extension the entire Guyana. I want to address the economic situation...    [Mr. Seeraj: You used to live...

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Budget Speech - Mrs Hughes—2014

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Published Date: 04 Sep, 2014 | Speech delivered at: 71st Sitting - Tenth Parliament

Mrs. Hughes: Mr. Speaker, Members of this most honourable House, I am excited at the opportunity I have to add my comments to this Budget 2014 debate. I want to start by complimenting the Hon. Minister of Finance on the presentation of these estimates. I know the Hon. Minister of Finance may find my words surprising. As possibly, he, like many, assumed that we, on this side of Opposition benches, of the House, have no other goal than to obstruct the work of Government, bringing the dreaded “scissors” to the floor of this House. I say to you, Minister,...

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Budget Speech - Mr Jafarally—2014

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Published Date: 04 Sep, 2014 | Speech delivered at: 71st Sitting - Tenth Parliament

Mr. Jafarally: Mr. Speaker, I rise to join my colleagues in this House and the people of Region 6 in commending Dr. Ashni Singh and his technical team for presenting yet another budget which is people oriented. Budget 2014, being the largest budget, has given to us no new taxes or increase in taxation. This Budget was crafted after a process of consultation with business, labour and even people at the grass root level who were given an opportunity to be consulted. It is important to note after the presentation of the 2014 Budget the business community came out and supported the budget...

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Budget Speech - Mr Ganga Persaud—2014

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Published Date: 04 Sep, 2014 | Speech delivered at: 71st Sitting - Tenth Parliament

Mr. G. Persaud: I rise to make my contributions to Budget 2014. I wish to offer my commendation to the Hon… [Interruption from the Opposition Members.] Mr. Speaker: Hon. Members, could you allow Mr. Persaud to make his presentation, please? Mr. G. Persaud: ...Minister of Finance, all in the PPP and PPP/C Government, those stakeholders in the public and private sectors who accepted the invitations and participated in the budget consultation processes, as well as the competent and efficient officials at the Ministry of Finance for: 1. Presenting another budget within the constitutional deadline; 2. Presenting the largest budget ever in...

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Budget Speech - DR Ramsarran—2014

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Published Date: 04 Sep, 2014 | Speech delivered at: 71st Sitting - Tenth Parliament

Minister of Health [Dr. Ramsaran]: Wellness Warrior T-shirts. Mr. Speaker: Thank you very much. Dr. Ramsaran: Mr. Speaker, thank you for this opportunity to address us on this significant issue of the health sector and concerns that might have been raised by the Opposition benches. First of all allow me to congratulate the Minister of Finance for a well presented Budget, well crafted. At the same time allow me to congratulate his hardworking team. I know many nights I was summoned by his staff to go to that building at upper High Street to help them craft the budget or...

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Budget Speech - Dr Norton—2014

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Published Date: 04 Sep, 2014 | Speech delivered at: 71st Sitting - Tenth Parliament

Dr. Norton: May it please you, Mr. Speaker. I rise to make my contribution to this, the third Budget debate of the Tenth Parliament of Guyana. Before I move into my presentation, let me say, probably disappointing some of my Colleagues in this House, that I am here to debate the 2014 Budget and I will not flatter with a reply to the caustic comments made by the Hon. Bibi Shadick about me and my professionalism, except to say that with all sincerity, I would like to publicly express my sincerest sympathy to her and the rest of her family on...

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