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Hon. Annette Ferguson

To provide objective, administrative and technical support to the constitutional
functions of the Parliament of Guyana and the People of Guyana

  • Name :Hon. Annette Ferguson
  • Designation :
  • Political Party : A Partnership for National Unity - APNU
  • Date Became Parliamentarian :
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  • Committee Membership : Committee on Appointments |
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Miss Annette Ferguson shares the Opposition portfolio of Public Health and Disease Control
Her responsibility includes disease prevention and control; immunization; food and drugs and  nutrition

In the Chamber

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  • Report on CARIFESTA X - answered by
  • Ambulance service at Mabaruma - answered by
  • Ferry Service to Mabaruma - answered by
  • Repairs to the Nursing School at East Street and the Annex to Kingston Nursing Home - answered by
  • Supply of Electricity to Mabaruma and Its Environs - answered by
  • Censor Board - answered by
  • Expenditure for Electricity Supplied to Mabaruma and Port Kaituma - answered by
  • The Commission of Inquiry into Walter Rodney Assassination - answered by
  • Roads in Mabaruma - answered by
  • Bitumen Plant Operations – Transport and Harbours Department - answered by
  • Kumaka Market Tarmac - answered by
  • Revetment in Kumaka - answered by
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