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Brigadier Ret’d David Granger

To provide objective, administrative and technical support to the constitutional
functions of the Parliament of Guyana and the People of Guyana

  • Name :Brigadier Ret’d David Granger
  • Designation :
  • Political Party : A Partnership for National Unity - APNU
  • Date Became Parliamentarian :
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In Guyana’s 10th Parliament the Opposition is drawn from two political parties, A Partnership for National Unity APNU and the Alliance for Change AFC. Together they control the majority of seats in the house.

Once the opposition seats are allotted, elections are held for the position of Leader of the Opposition. Only members from the opposition side of the house are allowed to vote. The Speaker presides over the process but is not allowed to vote.
The Leader of the Opposition in Guyana’s 10th Parliament is Brigadier (Ret.) David Granger.
With Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University of Guyana, Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations from the University of the West Indies, Mr. Granger was a military officer by profession. With an impressive list of academic achievements and extensive military training he rose to the position of commander of the Guyana Defense Force. Recipient of numerous awards, Brigadier (Ret.) David Granger entered Guyana’s political arena in 2011 as the Presidential Candidate for A Partnership for National Unity.

In the Chamber

  • Speeches delivered: (14)
  • Motions Laid:(4)
  • Questions asked: (11)
  • Petitions Made: ()
  • Bills Presented: ()
  • Appointment of a Commission of INquiry to enquir into the events at the New Oportunity Corps - answered by
  • Appointments within the Guyana Defence Force - answered by
  • Establishment of a Standing Committee to address border and National Security issues - answered by
  • Intrusion Of Units Of The National Armed Forces Of Venezuela Into The Territory Of Guyana - answered by
  • Visit by Deputies ofF ASAMBLEA NACIONAL De VENEZUELA into the territory of Guyana at Eterengbang in the CUyuni- Mazaruni Region - answered by
  • Deaths Which Occurred At Government-Funded Dormitories/Hostels Of Secondary Schools In The Hinterland Regions - answered by
  • Courses of Instruction Attended by Foreign Service Officers - answered by
  • Deaths As A Result Of Maritime Accidents - answered by
  • Courses of Instruction Conducted by the Foreign Service Institute - answered by
  • Deaths As A Result Of Diseases In The Barima-Waini Region - answered by
  • Deaths Which Have Occurred “In A Sudden, Violent Or Unnatural Manner” In Guyana - answered by
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