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Library Department

Library Department

Head: Mr. Michael Munroe
Designation: Documentation and Research Officer (ag)
Contact Number: 592-227-5178 / 592-226-8456-9 ext 240
Email Address: mike.munroe@parliament.gov.gy

The Parliamentary library which comprises the research unit of the Parliament Office is the heart of the Parliament as it has the capacity to provide knowledgeable, timely, non-partisan information services to all Members of Parliament, staff and the general public.

Responsibilities of the Librarian:
• Ensuring that books, journals and other printed materials are available to Members of Parliament in support of their legislative functions;
• Responding efficiently to requests from Members of Parliament and Parliament staff, for documents that are considered necessary for the performance of Parliamentary duties.
• Maintaining a definitive collection of sessional papers and other documents related to the business of proceedings of the National Assembly their Committees.
• Ensures that all materials house in library are catalogue for easy retrieval.

The Library also offers services in the following areas to Members of Parliament, staff and the general public:
• Information
• Reference and Research (only Members of Parliament)
• Library Services
• Publications
• Technical
• Photocopying