*Important Notice : Guided tours to the Parliament Chamber are suspended until further notice as a preventative measure in response to Covid-19

Public Relations Department

Public Relations Department

Head: Mr Yannick December
Designation: Public Relations Officer
Contact Number: 592-227-1719
Email Address: yannick.december@parliament.gov.gy

The Parliamentary Public Relations Office, which was established in 2009, is administratively responsible to the office of the Clerk.
• Foster the good corporate image of the institution of Parliament
• Disseminate accurate information and educate the public on the operations and functions of Parliament
• Enhance the public awareness and understanding of Parliament

• To facilitate the daily media coverage of Parliament's plenary sitting and committee meetings
• To produce the staff bulletins
• To inform and educate the Public about Parliament
• Conducting tours
• Development of public outreach programs e.g. school outreach
• Television productions
• To stream proceedings
• The preparation of publications and educational material

Media Relations
• Foster good image of Parliament
• To update information on the Parliament website
• To manage the interface between the Parliament of Guyana and other Parliaments
• To manage the interface between the Parliament of Guyana and the wider public