*Important Notice : Guided tours to the Parliament Chamber are suspended until further notice as a preventative measure in response to Covid-19

The Legislative Department

The Legislative Department

Head: Ms Deslyn West
Designation: Assistant Clerk of the National Assembly
Contact Number: 592-225-9538 / 592-226-8456-9 ext 255
Email Address: Deslyn.West@parliament.gov.gy

The Department comprises of the Supervisor, one Table Officer and two Legislative Clerks

The functions of the Department are:-

• Advise the Speaker of the National Assembly on the admissibility of Bills, Motions, Questions and Amendments;

• To coordinate Private Member’s Business: including Petitions, Motions to adjourn the Assembly on Definite matters of Urgent Public Importance, Questions, Motions, Bills, Notices of Motions and Private Bills.

• To provide advice on Parliamentary Procedure to Members of Parliament, public servants, academics and parliamentary officials from other countries, and also provide advice on Parliamentary Practice and precedents to Members of Parliament.

• To assist in the preparation of the Order Paper and Minutes of the National Assembly.
• To answer queries about the business of the National Assembly.

• To coordinate the external activities of the Parliament of Guyana.

• To receive, number and proof read Bills for grammatical and other errors.

• To ensure all Acts of Parliament are conveyed in a timely manner to the Head of the Presidential Secretariat for His Excellency’s assent, and to convey all Acts and Bills of Parliament to the Guyana National Printers for publication and reproduction of copies.

• To keep accurate records of all Bills received by the Parliament Office, Acts passed by the National Assembly , and the sale and distribution of legislation.

• To manage the sale of legislation at the Parliament Office.